grimo auf reisen

die welt liegt uns zu füßen

Meating people in a bar

-So where are you from?

-I’m from Brazil but I life in London.

-I’m from France but I life in Australia.

-I’m from Zurich.

-I’m from Holland but I life now in Zurich too. We have married in December and we are now on our honeymoon trip. I met my husband in Spain.

-I’m from Melbourne.

-Me too.

-Me too.

-I’m from Sweden.

-I’m from California.

-I’m from Bavaria.

-I’m from Thueringen.

-Oh, Bratwurst!

-Ha ha!

-I’m from Amsterdam. And where the hell are you from?

-I’m from Berlin.

-Oh, I’ve been there. It was great.

-I’ve been there twice. The best capital in Europe. I adore Berlin.

-I think I have to go there.

-Shall we change the bar?

-Why not?

-Okay. Let’s go to the Why-Not?-Bar.


-Where have you been before?






-I was in the north. It was cold.

-I was in the south. It was good.

-Have you been in Ha Long Bay?




-No. But I will got there.

-How is Ninh Binh?

-How is Na Thrang?

-How is Saigon?

-How is Hanoi?

-Shall we change the bar?

-Why not? The Sun Bar might be still open.


-What are you doing at home?

-I was a fashion designer. But I quit.

-I was a banker. But I quit.

-I was the director of Neighbours, a daily drama for australian TV. But I quit.

-I am a student. But I took a half year break.

-I finished university and then I left.

-Any one else another beer?

-No I’am going home.

-Me too.

-Me too.

-Me too.

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